World First Video Walkie-Talkie Service

Compatible with Two-way Radio

Real-time Video Sharing Push-To-Talk

1:1 Video/Voice Push-To-Talk and Chat

ProPTT2 9.0 / Upload(BodyCam)2.0 is Released


"World First Video Push-To-Talk Service, ProPTT2"

ProPTT2 is a video IP-PTT solution for video/voice PTT, real-time video sharing and also it's voice PTT compatible with two-way radio.

  • Video PTT
  • Real-time video sharing
  • Image Transfer
  • Compatible with
    two-way radio
  • Support various devices
    and networks
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"Smartphone-based Realtime Video Sharing Service, ProPTT2"

ProPTT2 provides a real-time HD quality video sharing fuction along with voice Push-To-Talk.
You can grasp the situation accurately and provide prompt initial response.

(Supports not only built-in camera in smart devices, but also external UVC camera connections.)

UVC camera(USB/Webcams) Smartphone(Built-in camera)
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“World First PTT App without PTT button, ProPTT2 Embedded”

ProPTT2 Embedded app supports various screen resolutions.
There are no visible PTT button, just touch the screen to send voice/video PTT conveniently.

  • Fit to any screen
  • Simple interface
  • Handy PTT with screen touch
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What can


do with ProPTT2?

Meet our ProPTT2 products and find out your businness opportunities.

  • Users

    Various services
    with ProPTT2 applications
  • Customers

    Build video IP-PTT system
    for organizations/enterpises
  • Developers

    Develope a video IP-PTT system for your client
  • Suppliers

    Produce IP-PTT G/W devices
    and dedicated devices
  • Vendors

    Provide products to customers as a sales partners
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Why ProPTT2?

By utilizing ProPTT2 technology, it's possible to construct the optimal video IP-PTT system
in accordance with the customer's business environment.

  • Just install the ProPTT2 package, you can build a video IP-PTT service easily.

    By using ProPTT2 Server Package / Application / ProGate, you can build a video IP-PTT system optimized for customer's needs. LEARN MORE >
  • ProPTT2 offers customizable products for system construction.

    ProPTT2 provides customizable products such as SDK, OpenAPI, and Firmware to support customers to build their own IP-PTT system. LEARN MORE >
  • Use video IP-PTT service without worrying about building a new system.

    ProPTT2 provides Cloud and App service for customer and individual users to use video IP-PTT service. LEARN MORE >

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ProPTT2 Partners

On the basis of a high understanding of the video IP-PTT solutions, our sales/developer partners offer you the best ProPTT2 products and service to meet your business needs.

ProPTT2 Developers

We provide ProPTT2 SDK, guides, and sample programs for your own client applications on ProPTT2 developers website.