Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 Service

ProPTT2 Cloud Service for Customer / ProPTT2 App Service for individual user

Use video-based IP-PTT service without building a system!

ProPTT2 provides Cloud and App service for customer and individual users to use video IP-PTT service.
Users could download ProPTT2 appplication on App Store or on Google Play. Customers like organizations or corporations could use video IP-PTT service at affordable prices without worrying about building & managing new system.

Service Feature

ProPTT2 Cloud ProPTT2 App
Recommended for retail stores
medium and small enterprises
Individual users
small communities
iOS, Android, Windows(desktop PC)
Android Wear, Apple Watch
Main Functions
Video/Voice Push-To-Talk(1:1, Group, 1:N)
Instant messaging(1:1, Group, 1:N)
Transfer images/location
Locating users
Real-time video sharing Push-To-Talk
(need to add video sharing service)Learn more
Connecting two-way radio and voice PTT(need ProGate)
Changing app header's logo image
Channel & User management
Administrator Web
Channel creation 100 channels 30 channels
concurrent users per channel 1,000 users 500 users
User management (with organization chart)
User location controlling
SOS message setting by channel
Transmit alert message to each channel
Real-time channel synchronization
Service monitoring and statistics
Supports integration with customer's system
CallBack API
Become a ProPTT2 Sales Partner(Cloud Reseller)!

We are looking forward to sales and customer relationship management professionals for ProPTT2 Cloud service.
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