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ProPTT2 Developers

On ProPTT2 Developers site, you can find various developer tools, guides and sample programs. It helps developers build their own ProPTT2 server system, client application or RoIP G/W device development for a new business.

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What we offer

  • How ProPTT2 works inside

    Technical documentation help developers learn to use all features in ProPTT2 technologies.

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  • for your client application
    ProPTT2 SDK

    For your custom ProPTT2 client application, we provide iOS / Android / Windows / Linux SDK and developer guides.

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  • for server operating
    ProPTT2 Servers

    We provide a guide for ProPTT2 Server Package that you can build and manage server system.

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  • for server integration
    ProPTT2 OpenAPI

    We offer OpenAPI to support integration between customer's existing system and ProPTT2 server.

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  • for your brand with ProPTT2
    ProPTT2 Customize

    To utilize ProPTT2 Server and Client for your brand, we provide the ProPTT2 customizing guide.

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  • for Connecting to 2-way radio
    ProGate Cable

    We provide development guides of ProGate Cable for connecting two-way radios and ProGate.

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