Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk


Smart video IP-PTT solution

ProPTT2, Beginning of video Push-To-Talk service!

ProPTT2 provide video based IP-PTT system and service
optimized for customer's needs.

ProPTT2 is a IP-PTT solution that provides services with video/voice PTT, real-time video sharing, image transfer, instant messaging(IM), location sharing etc. and also it's voice PTT compatible with two-way radio.

  • Voice PTT
  • Video PTT
  • Image transfer
  • Instant Messaging

Professional Technology of ProPTT2

With our own technology, we provide ProPTT2 products and PTT services to meet your business needs.

  • ProPTT2 protocols for efficient video PTT and video sharing
    (Patent registered)
  • Radio/phone connections
    by SIP protocol & IP-PTT G/W
    integration technology
  • Server SW technology application
    for bulk service and scalability
    (TTA verification passed)
  • Customized ProPTT2 products
    for customer's own system
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ProPTT2 Device and Accessory

For your convenience, ProPTT2 supports various mobile, wearable and Bluetooth devices.

  • PTT Phone

  • Bluetooth
    Speaker Mic./PTT button

  • Wired PTT Earset

  • Wearable Device

  • UVC Camera

Case Study

ProPTT2 can be utilized in various industrial fields that require fast communication.

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