ProPTT2 will provide the optimal video PTT services by using IP-PTT protocol developed by our own technology for Push-To-Talk service and IP-PTT Gateway technology supporting connection with two-way radio.

Applied own ProPTT2 protocol for video Push-To-Talk/real-time video sharing (Patent registered)

We applied video IP-PTT protocol that using self-developed multi-protocol transport layer. It's possible to provide an efficient two-way communication in mobile networks.(Support 1:1, Group, 1:N PTT channel) Learn more about Video Sharing

Voice PTT connection between radio and phone by using IP-PTT Gateway integration technology

By using ProGate, ProPTT2 applications are compatible with two-way radios(FRS, UHF, VHF, TRS). IP-PBX device connection provides communication between radio to radio or radio to phone. Learn more about ProGate

Live ProPTT2!
Full real-time Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 is not the way to record and re-play messages. It's important to exchange messages immediately for urgent situation - that's the Full real-time Push-To-Talk function.
ProPTT2 supports "Full real-time Push-To-Talk".
It makes you can respond rapidly to changing situation and support advanced features according to the future situation.

World first dual audio mode(MP3/VoIP)

ProPTT2 app supports both Full-Duplex VoIP modeandHalf-Duplex MP3 mode.Users can choose one of audio mode depending on their PTT device and environment. Also ProPTT2 app supports noise reduction / low-path filter during auido input/output for sound quality.
- ProPTT2 Android/Embedded app only

World first 1:N bi-directional master's PTT(VoIP mode)

ProPTT2 app can support bi-directional PTT in 1N channel. Only one user can use the master PTT and other user can use normal PTT at the same time
- ProPTT2 Android/Embedded/PC app only
Learn more about ProPTT2 PTT Processing Type

World first Supports audio qualities from Full HD to Micro NB

ProPTT2 supports Micro NB lowest audio quality for satellite communication and the highest audio quality of Full HD. Learn more

High quality video and audio

For high-quality voice/video PTT communication, ProPTT2 support Opus audio codec and H.264 codec for high-resolution real-time video transmission.

Supports server-side PTT/video recording

Supports server-based PTT and video recording between user clients.
-ProPTT2 Server Enterprise only

Supports various OS and platform

ProPTT2 provides various platform/OS client application; iOS, Android, Windows and Linux. You can use Push-To-Talk features in smartphone, tablet PC, desktop PC and wearable watch and glasses devices.

Supports various network

Nation-wide/global services using wireless network (LTE/3G/Wi-Fi), stable PTT service without poor reception

Supports interoperability between ProPTT2 systems

CrossConnect technology allows multiple different ProPTT2 systems to work together. You can combine channels from multiple organizations into one channel.

TCP / UDP / Multicast Supported Simultaneously

It supports various transport layers and can automatically detect and use the appropriate transport layer according to the user's network environment.

To meet your business needs, ProPTT2 provides video-based IP-PTT system for your work environment.

Customizable products to meet customer's needs

ProPTT2 provides customizable products and Cloud/App services to lessen customer's burdens.

Learn more about ProPTT2 products Learn more about ProPTT2 service

Supports stable PTT service and bulk service/scalability
(TTA Verification passed)

ProPTT2 supports stable PTT service on wireless networks and 20,000 users per server. Also supports replication/clustering/load balancing for managing increase of users.

Provides real-time location sharing and tracking by GPS connection

Using GPS function on smartphone, users could see from where others sent their PTT messages. Administrator of customers could check and track the users location information.(location tracking is only for ProPTT2 Server Enterprise)

Responsive UI for any screen size and user interface for on-site environment

ProPTT2 Embedded App supports a variety of screen sizes like wearable or dedicated devices. Also, you can send PTT by touching the entire screen not the small size button. It will reduce touch mistakes and makes your on-site communcation quick and accurate. Learn more about Embedded App

Supports low-spec server equipment (ProPTT2 Server Mini)

ProPTT2 Server Mini supports low-specification server equipment with low price. It is optimized for small group/company customers.
(provides Mini Server S/W only)
View ProPTT2 Server Mini spec
ProPTT2 Server Mini(S/W) installed

Security support for Enterprise customers

Data encryption for strong security

ProPTT2 uses ID/PW-based user authentication and support OTP for Enhanced user authentication session. It supports enhanced security for communication channels by application of SSL/TLS. Also provides strong encryption features such as SHA512/AES128/ARIA256 for PTT channels.

For strong security, we also support E2EE(End-to-end encryption) to encrypt users' data communicated or stored through the server.

Supports IMEI/Phone number authentication

With the authentication of the unique number of the user device(IMEI/Phone number), only the user device that has been authenticated through the ProPTT2 server can be logged in and use the service.
* from ProPTT2 Sever Package (v2.2.8~) or above
* ProPTT2 Android/Embedded app only

Mobile network (3G, LTE) only

You can set up that ProPTT2 app can use only proprietary mobile networks (3G, LTE) that only users of corporate customers can access.
* ProPTT2 Android/Embedded app only

Provides admin web service for enterprise customer

ProPTT2 admin web will support flexible channel and user management. And it's possible to check users' location information and service statistics.

ProPTT2 provides customizing environment for who wants to build their own video IP-PTT system.

ProPTT2 SDK for development of client application

ProPTT2 provides Android/iOS/Windows/Linux SDK. By using these SDKs, you develop client application and produce IP-PTT G/W device or IP-PTT dedicated devices. Learn more about ProPTT2 SDK

Supports ProPTT2 customize;
apply your brand(logo) to ProPTT2

ProPTT2 provides customizing environment that customer can apply your brand(logo) to ProPTT2 client and server system. Learn more about ProPTT2 Customize

Integration with customer's system (OpenAPI)

We provide ProPTT2 Sever OpenAPI for integration with customer's system. Learn more about ProPTT2 OpenAPI

ProPTT2 Server Package supports SIP G/W integration

As we support SIP gateway integration, you can develop device or service integration between ProPTT2 Server Package and SIP standard protocol based RoIP gateway/ IP-PBX devices. View the integration guide

Supports Plug-in architecture for ProPTT2 system expansion(ProPTT2 Plug-in)

Customers can develop Plug-in modules directly to extend the functions of ProPTT2 Server and add features that desired by customers. Learn more about ProPTT2 Plug-in

ProGate Firmware for production of IP-PTT G/W

By using ProGate Firmware, you can produce the optimum IP-PTT G/W device according to features that your customer wants. Learn more about ProGate Firmware

We provide PTT compatibility with various manufacturers' mobile/bluetooth devices to meet the requirements of on-site users.

Optimized PTT features for smart device

ProPTT2 provides PTT features optimized for smart devices such as smartphones, PTT dedicated devices
and also supports various PTT environment of field users.

- set external button as a PTT button (transmit PTT, video transmission/stop, playback last PTT)
- supports PTT device's dial keypad shorcut
- supports PTT button/video transmission when screen is off
- supports floating PTT / homescreen widget
- KIOSK mode (App Always on foreground)
- supports simultaneous output of terminal speakers during audio PTT transmission
- Speech recognition supported on Chat

Supports PTT dedicated device with PTT button

You can install ProPTT2 application on Android based PTT dedicated devices (walkie-talkie type or smartphone type) and use voice/video Push-To-Talk service with its PTT button. Learn more about PTT Phone

Supports wearable app for Android Wear and Apple Watch

You can use your wearable app (on smart watch or wearable device) as a PTT button; Send Push-To-Talk messages by ProPTT2 wearable app. Learn more about ProPTT2 wearable app

Supports various RoIP gateway device

ProPTT2 supports, together with its own product ProGate, various RoIP gateway devices of other manufacturers; especially supports the SIP-based RoIP gateway device. Learn more about RoIP gateway device

Supports various bluetooth and wired PTT earset

ProPTT2 supports various Bluetooth devices and wired PTT earset, customers can use hands-free Push-To-Talk service. Learn more about ProPTT2 Accessory

Supports external UVC camera connection for convenient video sharing in a various areas

For convenient video sharing in a various areas, ProPTT2 supports not only built-in camera in smart devices, but also external UVC camera connections. It will helps you to use ProPTT2's real-time video sharing effectively.
- ProPTT2 Android/Embedded app only
Learn more about UVC camera

Global ProPTT2, Smooth video IP-PTT service anywhere in the world.

Global server farm(Cloud service)

For smooth ProPTT2 Cloud service abroad, ProPTT2 supports global server farm(United States, Europe, Asia). Learn more about Cloud service

Multi-language for global service

ProPTT2 supports Up to 204 countries and 90 languages. Use ProPTT2 easily anywhere in the world.

Download ProPTT2 app from anywhere in the world

You can download ProPTT2 app from App Store/Google Play Store or ProPTT2 website and use video Push-To-Talk service around the world ProPTT2 App download