Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 Server Package Features

ProPTT2 Server Mini is optimized for small sized customers. Trial and Standard versions support same features.
Only Enterprise version can be scaleable depending on the stable bulk service and user increase and provides special features for integrated controlling.

ProPTT2 Server Package (S/W) Mini Trial Standard Enterprise
(Stand Alone)
Recommended for small size
- retail stores
/ small company
small/medium enterprises large company
/ public corporations
Users 1 ~ 30 users 1 ~ 10 users 1 ~ 1,000 users 1 ~ 1,000 users 1 ~ 3,000+ users
Server Type Single server Single server Single server Single server Dual server
Adding server
Plug-in architectureView ProPTT2 Plug-in
CallBack API
AdminWeb - support permission management
AdminWeb - support app version management
AdminWeb - support external menu
Google Map(API Key not included)
OpenStreetMap(Only Chrome)
CrossConnectLearn more

(Cleint only)

(Cleint only)

(Cleint only)

(Cleint, Host)

(Cleint, Host)
providing application
iOS, Android, Windows(Desktop PC)
Android Wear, Apple Watch
Android Upload
Main Features
Video/Voice Push-To-Talk(1:1, Group, 1:N)
Instant Messaging(1:1, Group, 1:N)
Transfer images/location
Locating users
Real-time video sharing Push-To-TalkLearn more
(need a
video relay server)
Master's PTT
Connecting two-way radio and voice PTT (need ProGate)
Server-side PTT/video recording
File Sharing
SIP G/W integration(beta)
Changing app header's logo image
Remote control
Multi video sharing
Video share dispatching
CCTV camrea integration with video sharing (RTSP/TCP-Interleaved)
* Some RTSP camera can not be integrated.
recorded video sharing integration (RTSP/TCP-Interleaved)
In-door sensor integration (Beacon/WiFi AP)
Device login
Channel&user management
Administrator Web
Administrator Web(Multi-language) English
Channel creation 30 channels 100 channels 100 channels 100 channels 100 channels
Users per channel 30 users 10 users 500 users 500 users 1,000 users
User management (with organization chart)
User permission management
User PTT location
User location TrackingLearn more
SOS message setting by channel
Transmit alert message to each channel
Real-time channel synchronization
Service monitoring and statistics
support tool for playing recorded file
User location controllingLearn more adminWeb adminWeb adminWeb [Dispatcher-
PC Client]
PC Client]
support IMEI/Phone number authentication
User Application

Andorid, iOS, Windows

Learn more > Smartphone application is available for iPhone and Android on App Store or Google Play Store. You can use ProPTT2 services like 1:1/Group/1:N video Push-To-Talk, voice Push-To-Talk, Instant Messaging, and so on.
  • Voice/Video PTT
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Instant Messaging
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Transfer images
  • Real-time video share
    (with voice Push-to-Talk)
    View Video Sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Bluetooth device connect
  • a variety of platforms
Admin Web

Flexible Channel/User Management, Location Information controlling/tracking

Administrator can create up to 100 channels and manage those channels and users according to the wokring environment. Moreover it's available to check and track location information of ProPTT2 Application users.

By using Admin web, administrator can send alert messages to each channel, set different SOS messages by channels, and synchronize changed channel information to user clients.
  • Channel Management
  • User Management
  • Location Tracking
    (Only for ProPTT2 Server Enterprise)
  • Service Statistics