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IP-PTT Gateway Device for connecting to two-way radio

ProGate is a IP-PTT Gateway device that provides you voice PTT communication environment between IP based Push-To-Talk service and two-way radios(FRS, UHF, VHF, TRS).

It supports Peer-to-Peer mode and IP-PBX device connection for the connections radio to radio or radio to phone.(Researching)

Main Features

  • Voice PTT compatible with radio (FRS,UHF,VHF,TRS)
  • Support various protocols and high-quality voice codecs
  • Support PTT Signal Input Port
  • Web interface for managing channel/settings
  • Support connections between
    ProPTT2 Server/Cloud system and two-way radio
  • Prevent PTT lock duplicates in multiple ProGate installation environment
  • Integrated with COR interface(4 Generation)
  • Support Mic Amplification
  • Support noise reduction
  • Support Low Path Filter
  • Voice PTT Compatible with phone
    by connecting with IP-PBX device researching
  • Supports a mode without server system
    (single, topology) researching

ProGate Communication Modes

ProGate supports optimal communication mode depending on site conditions.

By supporting connection with ProPTT2 Cloud/Server system,
ProGate provide voice PTT environment between smartphone with ProPTT2 application and two-way radio. Video

You can use multiple radio channels as a single unified channel
by integrating several ProGate(1 Port), which connected to each radio channels, with ProPTT2 Server. Video

With ProGate's Peer-to-Peer/Topology mode you can communicate with
a radio that has different frequency (FRS, UHF, VHF or TRS) or a radio out of communication range.(researching)

With SIP connection, ProGate supports connection of
phone (incl. IP-Phone) and two-way radio through IP-PBX device.(researching)

※ For connections above, you need a ProGate Cable suitable for the radio.

Learn more about ProGate Cable

We Provide ProGate Firmware.

ProPTT2 provide software based firmware which optimized for the production of IP-PTT Gateway. With this G/W device, you can connect IP based Push-To-Talk service and two-way radio you have.

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ProPTT2 Developers

We provide ProPTT2 SDK, guides, and sample programs for your own client applications on ProPTT2 developers website.