Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

Mission Critical Service of ProPTT2

ProPTT2 offers a variety of services to support users in mission critical situations. This will help user to ensure safety and to help you resolve the situation.

Supported features

Supports several communication ways that can be used in an emergency. In case of emergency, users can send SOS, Alert and intercept other PTT or use a dedicated channel.

Supports SOS/Alert sending

In an emergency situation, users can send SOS signals to the same channel users. The dispatcher can also send alerts to users.

Supports inteception of PTT

In an emergency situation, the operator can intercept the user's radio and send the radio first.

Supports a master lock

Channel owners can continue to send voice PTT through the master channel.

You can share videos on the area with video sharing. By sharing high-quality video stream, you can accurately identify and respond to the scene.

Supports video sharing

The user can share the field's video with the users of the same channel through the camera of the terminal. Learn more about Video Sharing

Supports screen sharing

The dispatcher can share the screen of the PC with the users of the same channel.

Supports CCTV camera sharing

The dispatcher can view CCTV camera's video and share them with users on the same channel.

You can identify user locations and respond immediately. To do this, we offer a variety of location tracking features.

Supports sharing of all user's location

Sharing a user's location allows Dispatcher to check the location of the all user.

Supports sharing of al user's location

Sharing a user's PTT or any location is allowed. All members in same channel can check the location.

Supports sharing of all user's location on same channel

Each user can chcck the location of other users within the channel.

Supports tracking of user's location in the past day

The dispatcher can check the location of a particular user during the last day.(Enterprise version only)

Supports sharing of user's location with Beacon/WiFi AP/NFC

In addition to GPS, the ProPTT2 system can collect location information with various location devices. Based on this information, the system can check user's location in door.

Supports hazardous situations when work by a single worker. Identify the risk of a stand-alone operation and identify and notify a risk situation. It also supports various risk detection methods.

Supports sharing user's status

Users can share their current status periodically with Chat or the function key.

Supports pairing with remote user

Users can pair their status with a remote user using a 1:1 PTT.

Supports checking movement

If a user do not move for a period of time, SOS can be fired to users on that channel automatically.

Supports checking battery

If battery status is low, A char message for alert can be fired to users on that channel automatically.

Supports remote control

If there is a problem with the worker, the dispatcher can open the worker's device microphone and video to check the situation.

All communications occurring in a hazardous situation can be recorded. The records enable you to analyze the cause of the situation.

Supports recording PTT

All PTT are automatically recorded. (Enterprise version only)

Supports recording video

All shared videos are automatically recorded. (Enterprise version only)

Supports recording video

All shared chat messages are automatically recorded. (Enterprise version only)