ProGate Specification
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Protocol IMPTTP/TCP/UDP, SIP/RTP/UDP(coming soon)
Codec OPUS/IMPTTP, G.711/SIP(coming soon)
PTT Signal SAD/VAD, DTMF Detect/SIP INFO/RFC 2833(coming soon)
CPU 1G ARM Cortex A8 processor
RAM 1GB DDR3 @400MHz
Storage 4GB internal NAND flash
LAN 100Mbps Ethernet
Interface HDMI 1080p Output, 2x USB 2.0 Host, 9Pin PTT Port
Power 12VDC input 2A
Size 219mm x 113mm x 43mm

Acquired Korea Certification (MSIP-REM-Pg1-PG01-2P)

* IMPTTP is the ProPTT2 network communication standard. * Above Specification may be subject to change without any prior notice for performance improvement.
ProGate Admin Web

Easy and convenient, ProGate Administrator Page

ProGate provides the administrator page with web interface for managing connection, channel and network settings.
  • [Status]
    ProGate Connection Status
  • [Account]
    Accounts and mode settings
  • [Network]
    Network settings
  • [System]
    Firmware management

ProGate Case of Application: Fixed IP-PTT G/W systems

You can install ProGate, which connected to a portable UHF/VHF radio, in each regional offices and build real-time radio communication system between field staff(radios, smartphones) and control center agent(PCs).

ProGate Case of Application: Portable IP-PTT G/W systems

ProGate enables mobile radio communication with moving vehicles. Also, it's possible to communicate with sites difficult to build network.