Main Features

Without worrying about the construction and management of new system,
you can use the video IP-PTT service for your business environment.

Save system construction cost
and use monthly plan

You can use IP-PTT service with affordable monthly plan without worrying about new system. Learn more about Cloud Service Pricing

High capacity service for your business environment

Depending on organization/work environment, you can create up to 100 channels and up to 1,000 users can connect a channel.

Business-centered channel/user management
and Admin web for controling user location information

ProPTT2 admin web will support flexible channel and user management. And it's possible to check users' location information and service statistics. (Location Information is a free service)

Supporting server farm and multi-national language for global service

With the global server farm in United States, Europe, Japan, and Korea, ProPTT2 supports Up to 204 countries and 90 languages. Use ProPTT2 easily anywhere in the world

Supporting a variety of network and nationwide/global Network coverage

Using LTE / 3G / Wifi wireless data network, you can use clear Push-To-Talk service.

Video-centered various 1:1/Group/1:N
Push-To-Talk Service

You can communicate with users who joined the channel by video/voice Push-To-Talk or text chatting.

Connection with existing two-way radios

Using additional ProGate device, it's possible to connect existing two-way radio(TRS, UHF, VHF) and ProPTT2 voice PTT service.

System integration

Provides ProPTT2 OpenAPI and CallBack API for system integration with customer's system Learn more about ProPTT2 OpenAPI

Providing real-time video sharing

Using extra video relay server, you can send real-time video to all members who joined the channel and voice Push-To-Talk at the same time.Also ProPTT2 supports not only built-in camera in smart devices, but also external UVC camera connections. It will helps you to use ProPTT2's real-time video sharing effectively. Learn more about Video Sharing Learn more about UVC camera

SOS message

Admin Web supports administrator to change settings for SOS function to help users send/receive SOS messages each other. Video

Alert message

Administrator can send alert messages to each channel from Admin Web. Video

Real-time channel synchronization

When the administrator changed and synchronized channel information, it is applied to user applications in real-time. Video

Add a company logo

Customer's administrator can upload your company's logo on AdminWeb to change the top logo of ProPTT2 Android app.
Admin Web

Flexible Channel/User Management, Location Information Controlling

Administrator can create up to 100 channels and manage those channels and users according to the wokring environment. Moreover it's available to check location information of ProPTT2 Application users.

By using Admin web, administrator can send alert messages to each channel, set different SOS messages by channels, and synchronize changed channel information to user clients.
  • Channel Management
  • User Management
  • Location Information
  • Service Statistics
User Application

Andorid, iOS, Windows

Learn more > Smartphone application is available for iPhone and Android on App Store or Google Play Store. You can use ProPTT2 services like 1:1/Group/1:N video Push-To-Talk, voice Push-To-Talk, Instant Messaging, and so on.
  • Voice/Video PTT
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Instant Messaging
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Transfer images/location
  • Real-time video share
    (with voice Push-to-Talk)
    View Video Sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Bluetooth device connect
  • a variety of platforms