Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 Product

Smart video IP-PTT solution

“We provide products for an optimized IP-PTT system
and professional IP-PTT service for your work environment."

Product List

  • ProPTT2 Application

    ProPTT2 provides video/voice IP-PTT service with Android, iOS smartphone app, Windows PC Client and Android Embedded app. Learn more >
  • ProPTT2 Server Package

    for making custom video/voice IP-PTT system environment for large organizations / enterprise who want to build their own system. Learn more >
  • ProPTT2 SDK

    We provide iOS/Android/Windows/Linux SDK for you to develop ProPTT2 client application for your client. Learn more >
  • ProGate

    ProGate is a IP-PTT Gateway device that provides you voice PTT environment between IP based PTT service and two-way radios(FRS, UHF, VHF, TRS). Learn more >
  • ProGate Firmware

    ProPTT2 provides S/W based ProGate Firmware optimized for IP-PTT Gateway production and it's IP-based Push-To-Talk service compatible with existing radio. Learn more >
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We are looking forward to sales and customer relationship management professionals for ProPTT2 products (Server Package/ProGate). Find your business opportunities with us.