Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 Server Package

Build Your Video IP-PTT System with ProPTT2 Server

By using ProPTT2 Server Package, it's possible to build video IP-PTT system environment for large organizations/enterprise customers who want to build their own system. You can select one of four versions of ProPTT2 Server considering system reliability/scalability and number of users.

ProPTT2 Server Package will embody optimized video based
IP-PTT service for your business needs.

Main features

OpenAPI for your own system

build IP-PTT service environment with affordable initial installation cost, client program and OpenAPI

Video Push-To-Talk service

VOICE and VIDEO Push-To-Talk, real-time video sharing service

Real-time video sharing

If you use additional video relay server, you can share real-time video with channel users and simultaneously use voice Push-To-Talk.Also ProPTT2 supports not only built-in camera in smart devices, but also external UVC camera connections. It will helps you to use ProPTT2's real-time video sharing effectively. more about Video Sharing more about UVC camera

Compatible with two-way radio

connecting to customer's radio system (FRS, TRS, UHF, VHF) - (need ProGate)

Location controling and tracking

With Administrator Web, provides location information/tracking service and channel/user management functions

SOS message

Admin Web supports administrator to change settings for SOS function to help users send/receive SOS messages each other. Video

Alert message

Administrator can send alert messages to each channel from Admin Web. Video

Real-time channel synchronization

When the administrator changed and synchronized channel information, it is applied to user applications in real-time. Video

20,000 users and 100 channels per server

Create up to 100 channels and 20,000 users per server

Supports server-side PTT/video recording

Supports server-based PTT and video recording between user clients. -ProPTT2 Server Enterprise only

Add a company logo

Customer's administrator can upload your company's logo on AdminWeb to change the top logo of ProPTT2 Android app.

Supports IMEI authentication

With the authentication of the unique number of the user device(IMEI), only the user device that has been authenticated through the ProPTT2 server can be logged in and use the service.
* supported from ProPTT2 Sever Package(v2.2.8~) or above
* ProPTT2 Android/Embedded app only

Supports various devices

provide iOS/Android applications(Phone, PAD), Windows Client(Desktop PC)

support various networks
nation-wide/global coverage

using wireless network (LTE/3G/Wi-Fi), stable PTT service without poor reception

Bulk service with scalability
(ProPTT2 Server Enterprise)

Support replication/clustering/load balancing for stable service and managing increase of users

System integration

Provides ProPTT2 Server OpenAPI for system integration with existing system

SIP G/W integration

you can develop device or service integration between ProPTT2 Server Package and SIP standard protocol based RoIP gateway/ IP-PBX devices. View the integration guide

Plug-in architecture for ProPTT2 system expansion(ProPTT2 Plug-in)

Customers can develop Plug-in modules directly to extend the functions of ProPTT2 Server and add features that desired by customers. View ProPTT2 Plug-in

Supports low-spec server equipment for small group/company
(ProPTT2 Server Mini)

ProPTT2 Server Mini supports low-specification server equipment with low price. It is optimized for small group/company customers.
(provides Mini Server S/W only)
View ProPTT2 Server Mini spec
ProPTT2 Server Mini(S/W) installed

Mini Server

ProPTT2 Mini Server(SW only) for max 30 users and low-spec. View ProPTT2 Server Specification

  • Mini
  • Server Package
  • US $300.00
  • 1 ~ 30 users
  • Trial
  • Server Package
  • US $10.00
  • 1 ~ 10 users
  • Standard
  • Server Package
  • Inquiry
  • 1 ~ 50 users
  • Enterprise
    (Stand Alone)
  • Server Package
  • Inquiry
  • 1 ~ 500 users
  • Enterprise
  • Server Package
  • Inquiry
  • 1 ~ 3,000 users
※ Prices may vary depending on countries and the currency fluctuation.
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We provide ProPTT2 customizing tools.

Build your own optimized video IP-PTT system
using ProPTT2 server package, ProPTT2 SDK and OpenAPI.

  • for Client application

    ProPTT2 SDK

    ProPTT2 provide Android/iOS/Windows/Linux SDK. You can develop customized ProPTT2 application.

    Learn more >
  • for server integration

    ProPTT2 OpenAPI

    ProPTT2 provides OpenAPI for system integration between ProPTT2 Server system and existing system of customer.

    Learn more >