Video beyond Voice Push-To-Talk

ProPTT2 App Service

for individual user

Smartphone application is available for iPhone and Android on App Store or Google Play Store.
You can use ProPTT2 services like 1:1/Group/1:N video Push-To-Talk, voice Push-To-Talk, Instant Messaging, and so on.

Create your own private Push-To-Talk channel and
communicate by video Push-To-Talk with others.
ProPTT2 App service offers video-based IP-PTT service through the ProPTT2 Application.

  • Voice/Video PTT
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Instant Messaging
    (1:1, Group, 1:N)
  • Transfer images/location
  • Location sharing
  • Bluetooth device connect
  • a variety of platforms
PTT Channel Types
  • Demo Channel
    Without Signing Up, Use PTT service as a Guest member
  • Free Channel
    Free account and one free channel (Up tp 20 people in a channel)
  • Paid Channel
    Purchase a paid pass and up to 30 new channels (Up to 500 people)


Guest Free Member Paid Memeber
Video/Voice Push-To-Talk(Group, 1:N)
Video/Voice Push-To-Talk(1:1)
(Accepting invitation only)
Instant Messaging(1:1, Group, 1:N)
(1:N chat only)
Transfer images/location
Location Sharing
Demo channel
Free Channel (basic one channel)
Channel Creation (Up to 30 channels)
Channel Subscription
Manage Friends List (Add friends, Delete friends)
Inviting friends to my channel
Subscribing friend's channel